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By September 25, 2016Sports

While Beyonce made her quick run through Houston this past week for her Formation Tour, many of our friends and patients are gearing up for another running season. At Simon Spine, we love helping our runners reach their individual goals. Whether you are a weekend fun-runner or ultra-marathoner, we truly enjoy seeing you reach your goals.


Training for races can be a long grueling process that begins months prior to race day. The key to breaking a personal record is being able to sustain your training regimen. Injury can be a huge set back, possibly sidelining you for weeks at a time.


Some of the most prominent injuries we see associated with runners, in no particular order….

-Plantar fasciitis

-Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome)

-Achilles tendonitis

-Stress fracture

-IT band syndrome

-Patelofemoral pain sundrome , classic knee pain


Each of these conditions can disrupt you training and prevent you from hitting the road throughout the week. The good news, is we can help! Each condition is managed very differently, and two people with the same condition may need two different treatment plans.


Here are some helpful training tips to prevent injury…

RECOVER!!! Recovery may be the most important aspect to your training.

-Nutrition and hydration. Make sure your diet and water intake support your training needs. (We can help  individualize a plan for you)

-Mix in strength/ resistance training days. Resistance training will help with injury prevention, and make you a stronger and more efficient runner.

-Intensity and frequency (miles per week and time of run) should be progressively increased. This allows for your muscles, ligament, tendons and joints to adapt to the new stress. A good goal is to increase 10% every 1-2 weeks.


We have many methods for supporting your recovery needs. Our Recovery Boots and Gameready Unit are just two ways we can help you get from one training session to the next.


This running season, we are offering one FREE 15 minute Recovery Boot session. All you need to do is call in, schedule an appointment, and bring in your medal from your most recent race. Let us know the any other ways we can help support your training this season (nutrition, programming, etc.).


If you are experiencing any pain during or after training periods, or have dealt with any of the conditions mentioned above, give us a call and schedule an appointment. We want to see you PR your next race.

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